plnkx-ified? As my English teacher used to say, “You can verb-ify anything!”

Below are imagined location-specific comments that might have been posted if plnkx existed back then.

8th grade class, 1901

What did the class of 1901 look like? And what did they think? We’ll never know what they thought. But it might have been this…

South School plnkx-ified

Here’s to the plnkx note posters of tomorrow.

More about Concord Elementary School, South Park

It’s a Seattle Landmark: Concord Elementary School, South Park

Address: 723 South Concord Street, Seattle, WA.

Google map location: 47.523560, -122.324497

Concord Elementary School, South Park
47.523560, -122.324497

Concord School is the third public elementary school for South Park since 1892. Once a community of Italian and Japanese farmers, South Park is hemmed in by freeways and industry, but Concord School still educates the community’s children.

South Park was first settled by farmers in the 1850s. It was platted as a town in 1889, but development was slow. In 1892, Brothers School was opened by two Belgian friars on College Hill. South Park became its own city in 1905 and joined Seattle in 1907.

In 1907, South Park School was built on 12th Avenue S between S Sullivan Street and S Thistle Street. In January 1914, the Seattle School District completed Concord School and students and teachers trooped from the old school to the new one.

Concord School is designed in the Colonial Revival style and built out of brick. It was remodeled and a wing was added in 2000.


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